Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!  Like many others, I’ve become increasingly aware of our environment and doing my part in preserving Mother Earth.  I’ve been under the impression in the past that living a green lifestyle is inconvenient and expensive, but I’ve got a few little changes I’ve made in efforts to become more green that I’d like to pass on to you!

1.  We’ve heard the old use a Brita and reusable water bottle advice. I know this is hard for many, because let me tell you- If I have the wrong water bottle I will forget to use it, and it will go to waste.  I’ve had Nalgenes, Camelbaks, and considered buying the pricey Sigg aluminum water bottle.  However, I’ve finally found one that I love and it happens to be the cheapest one I’ve bought at $5.99!  I found the Oggi Aluminum Sport Bottle at my local Marshalls for $5.99, so this is a worthy item to look out for next time you’re out.  Even on Amazon, it’s only $10.00 which is still relatively cheap.  The reviews may be a bit mixed, but I personally highly recommend this water bottle.. it’s not flimsy, holds the perfect amount, and has the perfect size opening to drink out of.  Also I’ve had it for about a month and have had no issues with a leaky cap.  I used to like the Camelbak Better Bottle with Bite Valve but I hated cleaning the bite valve.  If you don’t mind that, then that’s another water bottle I recommend.  I’ve found that I generally don’t like plastic water bottles though – I don’t like the smell of them.  The aluminum water bottle I use now has no smell and is easy to clean.  On the same wavelength, I also keep a mug at work so I refrain from using styrofoam cups.

2.  Use Reusable Grocery Bags – I know, I have issues remembering these too.  But I have found a system that more or less works for me.  First, I found these great bags that I can fit in my purse so I almost always have at least one grocery bag stashed in my purse.  I keep one in my car for those occasions I forget one in my purse.  The RuMe bags are great!  At first I wasn’t sure what to think because they turned out to be a lot thinner and flimsier than I expected, but boy do they hold a lot and they are surprisingly sturdy… I’ve been using them for months and they’re still in great shape!  I get compliments all the time about how great they look and how much they hold.  Additionally, I love the long handles that fit comfortably over my shoulder… I walk to/from the grocery store a lot and these bags make it MUCH easier to carry groceries on the walk home than any other bag I’ve tried… especially those plastic ones from the grocery store :)  They’re currently on sale at Delight.com which is where I got them :)

3. Buy from those who support green living. For example, I now buy all of my face care stuff from Acne.org – the name of the site is a little misleading, as they actually sell great products for everyone – not just those with Acne – ranging from cleansers, lotions, and of course acne treatments.  I’ve completely ditched the drugstore stuff and use their cleanser, as well as jojoba oil and alpha hydroxy cream as moisturizers.  The only thing I get from the store is sunscreen.  They package their products as environmentally friendly as they can, they’re reasonably priced, and they work well for me.  Etsy.com is also a great place to shop- many sellers there create and sell items keeping the environment in mind… I can spend hours upon hours browsing that site :)

4. Read up! There are many websites nowadays that offer great tips, articles, and discussions on green living.  It is no longer necessary to feel like you’re going out of your way to make eco friendly changes to your life.  Check out Daily Eco tips, Green Living Tips, and Eco Village Green to get started.

There are also other changes that are worth looking into such as making your own green household cleansers and detergents, as well as recycling -aside from the usual paper/plastic/alumimum, many things can now be recycled such as light bulbs and even yoga mats!  It is something to consider before throwing something out.  Another thing to take into consideration is reusing something before throwing it out.  Be creative!  It will make a difference.


10 Responses to Happy Earth Day!

  1. RT says:

    You know, I didn’t see a lot of promotion for Earth Day this year. Maybe people don’t worry about the environment so much when they’re 401(k)s are in the toilet…

    But I found this great article on sustainable fish (with link to accompanying downloadable PDF). This is especially applicable to sushi lovers who want to make sure the fish they enjoy stays around past, say 2012 (when Bluefin Tuna is set to be commercially extinct). But even the next time you’re at a fine dining restaurant and the choice is between Fresh Atlantic Salmon and Wild Arctic Char, you can either remember or quickly look up (you can order wallet guides) which one is actually sustainable, and thus, “greener.”

    fyi, it’s Arctic Char. Happy Earth Day.

  2. Yoon says:

    Better yet, go vegetarian! :) Save the earth, the animals, and your health.

  3. RT says:

    I forgot to post the link, whoops! Here it is:

    Raw and sustainable

  4. RT says:

    Hey Yoon,

    If I thought I could live without meat for even a short time, I would definitely consider it. I don’t think I’d even last as a pescatarian, and I love fish! But I eat lots of veggies regularly, so I think I’m pretty healthy =)

  5. Yoon says:

    You know what, I thought exactly the same way just a few years ago… I used to have to include meat in every single meal and thought I loved meat too much to go vegetarian for even a couple days.

    But, it’s actually a lot easier. I told myself I’d try it for a month and if I didn’t like it I’ll just go back to eating meat… and ended up going vegetarian full-time, ever since two years ago. I found meatless alternatives like tofu and mock meats available in many groceries, and felt better than ever before.

    This is perfect time to go veg or even semi-veg… eating meatless meals even once or twice a week would make a difference.

    Plus, it’s a lot cheaper to buy tofu than organic “sustainable” meat in the market nowadays. :)

  6. Debs says:

    yoon! thanks for commenting :D after we hung out i decided i was gonna try and stop buying meat and see how it goes… and how long i last. i’ll probably write about it, haha. or i’ll let you know how it goes :)

  7. RT says:

    Interesting story, Yoon. Hmm this almost feels like a challenge. I might have to try this out for a week or two and write about it… I’ll be sure to let you know when I do!

    On another note, I don’t really buy into the whole “organic” foods fad though, for veggies or meat. There aren’t very strict regulations on labeling items as organic, so even if a bag of carrots is 80% organic they can label the whole bag as organic. What a crock, I say.

    I do believe in sustainable foods though, because as far as I can tell that’s difficult to fake.

    As far as meatless meals go, I do have them sometimes, but not necessarily intentionally. I actually grew up eating tofu, and beans can be as satisfying as meat sometimes. Also, my GF’s mom is vegetarian and one time they took me to a restaurant that had great mock meat. It was a revelation! I had no idea fake meat could taste that good. It doesn’t taste like real meat, but it doesn’t have to as long as it’s still delicious, IMHO.

    Interesting site, btw. I’m going to go have a serious look-through right now =)

  8. Yoon says:

    Sure thing. :)

    You can also find tasty mock meats in Asian groceries (like 99 ranch, across from Bakery section) and stores like Trader Joe’s.

    Personally I support organic veggies & fruits because I don’t want to add any extra unnecessary pesticides/herbicides/fungicides to my body and the environment, but I have to admit I do sometimes buy non-organic produce because some Asian veggies do not come organic.

    Check out my San Diego yelp page for veg-friendly restaurants:

    And you can always check out San Diego vegetarian meetup group which is really welcoming and has delicious vegetarian potlucks every now and then.

    You guys have a cool site too. :) Thanks for posting it Debs!

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