Are you “Ms. Typed”? Part One

May 16, 2009

Dating is a large part of any roaring20something’s life, so it is only natural that one of us may be interested in exploring this aspect on this blog.  Although this post may seemingly target a women audience, I guarantee that there will be a few of you boys that will find yourselves engaged in the content of this post and might even want to chime in with your own thoughts and observations.   I am no relationship/dating expert, but I am fascinated by the dynamics of dating, relationships, and all the fun, drama, self discovery that comes along with it.  I have several blogs in my RSS feed that touch on topics ranging from dating, relationships, pick up artistry, love, sex, online dating, and the differences between women and men.

Today’s post is inspired by the book “Ms. Typed: Discover Your True Dating Personality and Rewrite Your Romantic Future.”  It just came out recently, so I have not had a chance to check it out yet.  However, the synopsis of the book and a recent appearance on the Today show gives me enough content for the purposes of this post (as well as interest in checking out the book!)  In the book, she breaks down different common “dating personalities”  and offers insight on “how to be the woman and partner you’re meant to be” (got that from the synopsis I found on  I’ll be first to admit that I have at some point in my life fit more than one of these personalities.. and definitely have seen real life examples of those personalities that I have not personally taken on.

In this first part, take a look at her Today Show appearance.

Summary of above video:

Ms. Soul Mate: She thinks every guy she dates is the one. She is so caught up with the fantasy of walking down the aisle, that she doesn’t necessarily have enough going on in her own life.
-Distinguish fact from fantasy
-Enjoy dating and the single life
-Find your purpose

Ms. Sex Machine: She thinks she can have “sex like a man” with no strings attached but it ends up coming around and biting her.
-Stop undervaluing yourself
-Don’t confuse sex with love
-Maintain balance in your relationships

Ms. Second Place: She is too accommodating, an afterthought.  She always lets her partner take the lead and ends up being “the other woman” instead of a priority.
-Insist that your needs be a priority
-Raise your expectations
-Build your confidence

Ms. Bag Lady: Has baggage from past relationships and has negative expectations going into another relationship.
-Wait before you date
-Surround yourself with positive people
-Find the source of pain

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