Cloud Teamwork: GoogleReader

RSS readers allow you to follow many of your favorite websites at once. We at RTS utilize Google Reader, which also has the additional benefits of sharing with friends, easy organizing, and commenting on posts. You may be wondering, what do your friends at RTS like to follow? We decided to describe our Google Reader subscription by answering three questions:

1) How many feeds are you subscribed to?
2) How do you organize your feeds?
3) What are your threee favorite feeds?

Feel free to answer these questions as well!

How many feeds are you subscribed to? Eleven permanent, 3 on trial and 1 on the chopping block

How do you organize your feeds? Eh? Yeah.. that thought never occurred to me.

What are your three favorite feeds? mmm-Yoso, a local food blog. The Freakonomics Blog, which is supposed to be “exploring the hidden side of everything.” SoccerByIves (SBI) for pretty much all my soccer news. So my three blogs take care of my three major interests in life (sort of): Food, Finance (Freakonomics is an economist’s blog, so they talk about quite a few finance-related issues without being heavy), and Sports! Even though I’m a basketball guy, I lived in England for a bit and developed a serious soccer lust. My fantasy basketball league(s) tend(s) to take care of my need for NBA infotainment

How many feeds are you subscribed to? A lot: 119. But I only read about 25-40 posts a day, according to the “trends” page in Google Reader. I guess I click the “Mark all as read” button more than actual posts.

How do you organize your feeds? My subscriptions are broken down into 15 categories: San Diego, art, travel, friends, invest, career, news, food, sports, gadgets, funny, stocks and funds, bands, shop, and flights.

A quick word of advice: Your reader can be a great money-saving tool. Before I buy something (gadget, airfare, or anything else), I pull up my reader and do a quick search for coupons or deals in my SHOP and FLIGHTS categories, which consist of RSS feeds from coupon/deals sites. I don’t even look at the posts in those categories otherwise.

What are your three favorite feeds? metacool, a blog written by a partner at IDEO, a company that many engineers dream of working at. His blog is about design, innovation, and science. The Big Picture, which showcases amazing photos related to a current event. TED Blog, to watch the latest talks uploaded from the conference.

How many feeds are you subscribed to? Even more than Vince: 150… and constantly growing.

How do you organize your feeds? I have the following categories: business, crafts, culture, environment,  fashion, finance, fitness, food, fun, gossip, lifestyle/personal, shopping, social media, tech

like Vince, I use the shopping category primarily to search for deals on things to look for.  I easily get 1000+ articles a day in that category alone, and browsing through that not only wastes a lot of time, but it also makes me buy things I don’t need. :)

What are your three favorite feeds? The Brazen Careerist which is a collection of posts from different blogs written by 20somethings, Lifehacker which always has a lot of cool news and tips to make your life more productive, and The Finance Buff is a finance blog I recently discovered.  But really, I subscribe to such a wide variety of different blogs, my”top 3″ is constantly changing.  I have a list of more than 3 blogs that I make sure not to miss daily, so singling out just three is a difficult task.

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