Every Day Is Earth Day

This post isn’t quite on topic, in the sense that it doesn’t apply specifically to twentySomethings. But I like to do my part to save the world and its beautiful life, specifically marine life today.

Treehugger has a helpful little slideshow that breaks down eleven species of fish you should not order if you want that species of fish to continue to live.

Another helpful tool I found is a downloadable SeaChoice Alert Card that is meant to be printed and kept in your wallet. That is if you really want to make sure you’re ordering sustainable seafood from restaurants. While I normally consider the sustainability of my food more in Western restaurants, I try to remind myself that it applies for sushi/sashimi joints too. And I’ll be honest, even I’m not going to carry that guy around, but I’ll keep the list in the back of my head. At least now I know, much to my dismay, not to order unagi.

So there’s my environmental saving note of the day!



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