Expanding My Social Horizons

In college I had few responsibilities. As far as my actual degree goes, my only real responsibilities were to learn and get passing grades. Socially, I pretty much just played basketball and went out with my friends. And partying in our dorms was all fine and good… until we turned 21. And then we went out to explore the bars and clubs, and we spent boatloads of moolah on drinks and covers and the like. Please, stop me if this sounds familiar. Fiscally speaking, I like to think that it was an expensive hobby of experience collecting to check out the various alcoholic establishments in my fair city (and bolster my friendships).

Now, years have passed since I was but a budding twenty-something youth and my interests have changed a bit. The Girlfriend and I have picked up a new hobby: swing dancing. We both enjoy dancing, and not just that grinding club style, although that has it’s place too. ;) A great side effect of this dancing stuff though, is just having a cheap, social hobby in which we can meet people or just go to have some drinks and have some fun.

Let me give you an example. The Girlfriend and I recently went to Seattle. I have a friend who lives up there and she took us out to dinner one night. Lo and behold, the restaurant (The Tin Table, in the Capitol Hill district, was located in an old Oddfellows building that housed various other businesses. One of those businesses was in the Century Ballroom that was used as a nightly dance floor that had different music depending on the day. I’m talking older styles of dance, like east coast swing, lindy hop, salsa, tango, etc. So of course, we had to check this place out. On Sunday night, we stepped into the ballroom for the all swing dance (east/west/lindy hop, basically) night. At $7 a head, this was neither the cheapest, nor most expensive cover I’ve ever paid. But the dance floor was alive and kickin’ from 9pm until… whenever they felt like closing it seemed.

I think many post-grad twenty-somethings hit a point where they feel like their lives have become stagnant. As a friend of mine so elegantly put it (paraphrased) with regards to having a routine of working and having a few outside hobbies that you do all the time, “You’re ok with having a day-to-day routine. The week-to-week is acceptable. Month-to-month you’re sort of iffy on, but you’ll live. Year-to-year scares the hell out of you!” The only thing I can say about this is that a) It seems to be true for many twenty-somethings. and b) You have the power to change this.

Try expanding your horizons and looking into some activities you’ve never done before but find kind of interesting. Maybe you’ll even save a buck or two when you find a new hobby and stop bar hopping every weekend. And maybe you won’t. Big deal. As another friend of mine said, “money is for having experiences anyway.”

Just for fun, here’s a clip of some sweet Lindy Hoppers:

3 Responses to Expanding My Social Horizons

  1. Kira says:

    As a 20 something, I’m not so worried about my life being stagnant now…I don’t mind the stability of 9-5, M-F now…it’s the fear that THIS. IS. IT. Forever. Sure, it’s fine now, and for the next few years. But do I really want to spend the next 40 years doing 9-5? But I only freak out if I think about it too much…

    Maybe I should convince the husband to take up Swing Dance…looks fun :)

    PS Glad I found this blog!

  2. Leashie says:

    SO freaking jealous! Ugh! I tried to take up swing at the UCSD rec center and holy crap did that fail. The only people who were girls and super sweaty guys you wish to god to avoid in any close capacity. Not fun. And now, My Honey doesn’t do that whole dance thing. Not even when we’re alone and the blinds are closed. Come back to the UK and dance with me!

  3. RT says:

    Yeah the 9-6 (it’s not 9-5 unless you skip lunch, right? I swear someone’s puttin out false information…) seems fine until I think about how many years removed from college I already am and how painfully routine my life is. I frequently ask myself, “When did THIS happen?” It’s ok though, I’m still waiting to win the lotto.

    I’m glad you found the blog too, Kira ;) Swing dance is DAMN fun!

    Leashie, the first day we went there were more guys than girls: like 12 guys vs. 8 girls. So of course, the next week there the ratio became something like 6 guys to 10 girls. UCSD is funny that way. I don’t think there were too many gross sweaty guys, but according to the girls in the class most of the guys just suck at dancing. Suckers. =P

    What if you get Your Honey liquored up and with the blinds closed? Still nothing!? So sad… come back and see the sun some day!

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