Sick Days or Vacation Days?


I came down with a *mild* case of food poisoning this week. Mild, meaning I was more or less useless for only one day as opposed to several days. One thing I didn’t realize growing up is that when people say they have food poisoning they usually just assume it’s something bad they ate because they can’t imagine what else could leave their stomach in such agony. And in pretty much all of my food poisoning cases I’ve been reasonably certain that I could pinpoint just which piece of dietary death led me to it.

The question I’m posing here is this:

How many of you guys actually use sick days because you’re sick?

This question is moot to those of you who have separate vacation and sick days. My sick days and vacation days are all lumped together in the form of PTO, or Paid Time Off. As a result, I hate using my PTO when I’m sick because that’s really just one less vacation day that I get that year. If it’s just a cold or a cough, I’ll try to tough it out, but if it gets much worse than sometimes I just suck it up and take the day off. In case you’re wondering, I went to work every day this week, but I was very close to leaving half way through Wednesday.

So do you actually use sick days when you’re sick, or do you power through them so you can have one more day of vacationing freedom? Or do you have some other sort of ingenious scheme to balance these things out?

3 Responses to Sick Days or Vacation Days?

  1. Billy says:

    i confess i “work from home” if i’m too sick to make it to work but not *too* sick to work. i take a PTO if i’m really really sick.

  2. Lisa Cheng says:

    Hi Artie! Found you… and sorry that you were sick! Are you better now?

    funny thing about your posting… do you know that our cousin James does the exact same thing?

    =____= i personally would take time off whenever is needed… not interfering with work of course… but, hey, when you’re sick (physically or psychologically ;p), you’re sick! You said it yourself, prolonging the sickness did not speed up the recovery (how could it?); so, it’s your call I guess…

    I also wonder that if the name of this time-off thing is the reason why you treasured your PTO so much (paid time off… sounds like you have to PAY for the time that you are away from work… what an awful & inhuman thought when you’re really sick!)

    hmm… I guess if I were in your situation, I might ended up doing the same thing… nah, I’ve learn it from the past that if you are sick, take the day off.

  3. RT says:

    hey Billy – yeah I’m pretty much the same way. It’s a lot easier to do that when you have a deskjob and just sit by a computer all day anyway.

    hey Lisa! Yeah I’m better now, I just ate something funny is all. It definitely feels like I’m paying to take a sick day when I use PTO even though that’s supposed to be my vacation days. If I think I can tough it through to the weekend I’m just dumb enough to try to postpone it and hopefully use the weekend to get better. But if I cared about my health more then I’d probably be like you and actually take care of myself. Maybe when I get older. =P

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