Hello Again!

Hi loyal followers and first-time visitors,

You may have noticed that we took a bit of an extended summer vacation with our postings being a bit sparse and limited.  To be sure, this wasn’t an entirely intentional move. Most of the Roaring twentySomethings staff is still relatively new to this whole blogging shtick and we stumbled on a few unexpected hurdles. Nevertheless, we’re back! And we come with a few (mostly internal) important changes.  Previously, the Roaring twentySomethings was dedicated to sharing and discussing personal finance news and information, but we found this singular focus to be too limiting.  There are quite a few more topics we feel are worth broaching and we intend to share them with you from here on out!

Additionally, we’re proud to welcome a new contributor, Tim, to our folds.  You can find out a bit about Tim in our About page.

Stay tuned for new topics, new ideas and new posts!

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