So you’re out of your parents house, you have a career or at least some sort of job steady enough to make sure you can pay next month’s rent. Now what? Well the times for us twenty-something year olds are a-changin’ and we need to change with them. We here at The Roaring twentySomethings have come a long way from being doe-eyed undergrads and we want to share the lessons we’ve learned. To put into perspective everything we discuss on this blog, you might want to know a little bit about us:

Debbie is… a software engineer by day, with a passion for living a happy, fulfilling life and helping others achieve the same. I subscribe to over 100 blogs that span across such topics as finance, professional, food, fitness, life, fashion, and technology and loves learning about/discussing those topics and more. I love social media and am always making new connections with people and trying to keep up with the newest trends. I enjoy learning from a good challenge and unwinding at the end of a long day with good food, great conversation and a glass of wine.

Vince is… an engineer who spent seven years in a university classroom. I employ a conservative (Boglehead) strategy for his retirement accounts, and uses part of his taxable accounts to practice more aggressive investing methods. He enjoys dawdling in stocks as a hobby, but understands that he is at a statistical disadvantage. He still tries to learn more about it, likely through failure. Other than investing, Vince enjoys baseball, snowboarding, traveling, and Judd Apatow movies.

RT is… a software developer with unbridled interest in food, sports, reading and traveling (getting to know foreign cultures, not going to a city just to see landmark and move on). When you set foot in my house you’ll probably find the TV on and tuned into sports. I’ll be lounging around with a homebrewed beer in one hand and maybe a book in the other (if the TV’s not on). Despite the fact that I love to eat and drink, I’m usually something of a health nut. Not the kind who only buys organic vegetables and thinks ginseng is a cure for cancer, but the kind that knows exactly what his body needs to be healthy and happy.
I have always been watchful of my spending habits, but not so of my earning habits. When I started earning more than minimum wage I discovered I had little understanding of what I should be doing with that money. More importantly, I didn’t understand what that money could do for me (read: generate more money!). After a fair amount of research and discussion with other twenty-somethings I’ve come to the conclusion that many people are in the same point in their lives in terms of budding careers and changing lifestyles. Student life has come and gone for now, and we need to learn and adapt to the situation at hand. With that in mind I’d like to share what I’ve learned so far, and that’s why I’m here.

Ant is…currently a brewery intern at AleSmith Brewing Company and hopes to become a world-class brewer one day. He majored in History of War, Revolution, and Social Change and minored in Organic Chemistry and General Biology from UCSD. Definitely not doing anything related to his majors or minors, yet the skills acquired in these subjects are quite helpful in the Brewing field. His other hobbies include practicing wushu, homebrewing, and bar-hopping.

Tim is…a guy still looking for answers to questions he’s been asking since he was a kid. My linked-in profile and resume say that I’m a software engineer, but I hesitate in using that title when someone asks “What do you do?”. Other than technology, I am interested in a variety of topics ranging from economics to health, education, sustainability, and (reluctantly) politics. As a natural skeptic, I love playing devil’s advocate in just about any argument, which generally makes it easy for me to talk about topics, and just as easy for me to get caught in analysis paralysis. Like the others on this blog, I’ve been part way around the block and have a thing or two to say about things I’ve discovered and will be exploring topics I find interesting and hope you do too.

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