The More You Know… about BEER!

April 24, 2009

Russian River Blind Pig IPA

Blind Pig IPA by Russian River Brewing Co.

Santa Rosa, CA (Sonoma County)

500 mL

6.10% ABV

Blind Pig IPA

Blind Pig IPA

Bottle Description:

Ask for a “blind pig” in a saloon during prohibition and you might just get a beer…During prohibition, using the term “blind pig” discretely meant many different things. Sometimes it was the secret code given to a bartender to receive a beer. In other places, it meant that you paid a small fee to see a “blind pig” and along with the viewing you’d get a beer, or something else. And what type of glassware would your “blind pig” be served in? An unmarked mason jar of course. In those days, a mason jar was known as a pig, and an unmarked mason jar was known as a Blind Pig.

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