The Basics

Don’t know how much of your paycheck to put into your 401(k) every paycheck? Not sure about the differences between an IRA and a Roth IRA? Want to know what (we think) the best spices to keep in your pantry are and how to avoid paying exorbitant prices for them? Well, look no further!

These posts are what we call “the basics.” They do not cover the nuances taxes or finance. They do not cover complex difficult, or obscure techniques of cooking like chiffonading or making your own pancetta. If you want to know the difference between a Princeton Offense and the Triangle Offense, the rest of The Roaring twentySomethings may be more to your liking.

The cornucopia of posts found here are for those looking to get started in the various aspects of life associated with the newly graduated, the newly corporate, and the suddenly self-dependent. But even if you feel these topics are a bit too “basic” for you, it is definitely worth taking occasional stock of your fundamental life decisions to make sure you can still see the forest from the trees. With that in mind, please enjoy our selections!

Most Useful Posts:
Personal Finance 101 (Getting Started): Savings, Investments, Retirement… Where do I start?
Budgeting Tool: Budgeting for a Ferrari and Smaller Goals Too
Options 101: Understanding Options also see part 2 and part 3.

Debs favorite posts:
Life is at a Standstill… Run a Marathon!
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